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The Most Trendy Michael Kors Men’s Watches

If you plan on surprising your boyfriend, husband, father, or a friend with a Michael Kors watch, you should be careful choosing the best one. Today, we’ll discuss the best Michael Kors men’s watches of the year.

Top 5 watches from the brand you should consider

  • Bradshaw Chronograph is at the top of the list for a reason. This is the most stylish watch ever. It delivers excellent quality and looks good with different styles. It’s the timeless model that will look equally well many years later. You should buy this watch if you and the person you buy it for like the two-tone style. The watch is made of stainless steel and pays lots of attention to details.
  • Oversized Silver-Tone Chronograph is another great choice. In this case, Michael Kors brought stylish elements that would draw attention wherever a person wears them. It’s less classy, so you should buy the model only if you’re sure the style fits. This is a good-looking watch that also has a date window and three sub-dials. Mind that this model is better suited for men with average and bigger than average wrists.
  • Dylan Rose Gold-Tone will be the most suitable choice for people with contemporary appeal. It looks good with casual and formal looks but completely inconvenient during activities that can tear the strap apart. Although the strap is manufactured from polyurethane, it still looks fine. However, it’s less durable.

These are the most in-demand Michael Kors men’s watches. They have the best reviews and most customers feel satisfied with the purchase. In case they don’t seem suitable for your particular situation, you may check out other popular choices. They include:

  • Gage Chronograph watch;
  • Lexington Gold-Tone watch.

It’s also a good idea to check out the new collection if you buy a watch for someone young or fond of fashion. The official website is sure to offer some trendy watches. More adult men usually stick with classics and prefer simpler but more reliable options. That’s why you should pick calm, reserved, and formal watches with beautiful details.

The brand also sells smartwatches. So, looking for a gift, one should take a closer look at Grayson Smartwatch sold by the brand. Together with a stylish accessory, a man will get extra features like app notifications, an activity tracker, etc. It’s not the most powerful smartwatch on the market but the design looks nice.

The verdict

As you may see, Michael Kors offers plenty of choices when it comes to buying men’s watches. The selection is rich enough to bring everyone something suitable and convenient. The younger generation is sure to like sporty styles and smartwatches, while more adult generation will adore classy models with attention to details and formal design.

Although there are plenty of stores and sites that sell Michael Kors watches, you should look for a reliable seller or visit the brand’s store. This is the only way you can get high-quality goods in the best possible condition.

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