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Silver Gucci Earrings Collection 2020

Are you ready for the new Gucci earrings collection 2020? The new collection introduces several new trends this year holds for us. Let’s get to know more about them.

Top 6 trends in jewelry you should know

  • The new jewelry of the season seems more massive than usual. Plenty of other brands also used oversized hoop earrings. While there is nothing groundbreaking about hoop earrings, the huge size of the pieces seems more like supersized than oversized.
  • Those who like to make a statement with jewelry will be glad to discover that chain-link necklaces are trending again. They also come in bigger sizes and look great with open-front silhouettes. Layer several necklaces to stay stylish and fashionable.
  • Gucci collection 2020 has finally brought us the revival of silver jewelry. Plenty of silver earrings were spotted at the fashion shows this season. It’s likely to gain more traction in the coming months.
  • Earrings that don’t match are still popular. What’s more, some designers introduced models with only one earring.
  • Pearls are trending, too. This has been a trend for several seasons now. Yet, this spring has brought new designs and combinations. Since silver is getting more traction, the combinations with pearls will be stylish, too.
  • This year, jewelry is the best way to add color to your look. The runway brought plenty of colorful and saturated jewelry pieces that will eliminate the term boring from your wardrobe.

When you look at the official Gucci website, you’ll see the whole page dedicated to silver jewelry. This year, the collection includes versatile rings and necklaces that look romantic and classy. Yet, some pieces stand out from the rest. For instance, aside from the legendary earrings with a monogram, the brand offers silver earrings that do not match. One of the most beautiful examples here is the pair with a flower and a double G earring.

Buying silver jewelry from Gucci is a great way to add high-end earrings and necklaces to your collection. It’s cheaper than gold but looks just at fashionable.

The main lines in silver jewelry from Gucci:

  • Anger forest;
  • Bling for love;
  • GG Marmont;
  • Gucci garden;
  • Gucci Ghost;
  • Interlocking G.

However, everything you’ve discovered above concerns women jewelry only. The brand offers quite a collection for men. While there are fewer lines (only 5 of them), the selection of jewelry pieces is also rich.

Bottom line

This season Gucci has revived silver and made it trending again. In case you’ve decided to buy silver earrings or other jewelry from the brand, you should be very attentive and careful to buy the originals. If you have a chance, you may visit the boutique and pick something to your taste. Otherwise, you should only use the official website. In case you purchase items from third parties, you risk buying a fake. Double-check all the documents, labels, and little details that help distinguish the original pieces from the copies.

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