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Compare Avast and AVG: Is It the Same Thing?

Since Avast bought AVG, many users have wondered if these two antivirus programs are the same thing now. Well, the company has clearly stated that AVG remains a separate product. However, it received several changes like Avast antivirus engines. Interface and pricing policies were preserved, on the other hand. Let’s compare Avast and AVG to find out which one is better.


Both programs are very simple in use. Even beginners will quickly learn how to intuitively navigate the interfaces. Yet, Avast is a bit more convenient in terms of accessing secondary windows.

Avast has four modules on the side. They are Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance. The interface allows some customization. Here a user may adjust the frequency of scans, whitelist some files, etc.

AVG has a very appealing interface, too. The main window has five modules that cover Computer, Web & Email, Hacker Alerts, Privacy Data, and Payments. It has a green mark that states that the protection is on and things are working fine. In case some actions need to be taken, the color is going to change to yellow or red.

Malware Protection

Since they use the same engines now, the protection level also coincides. Based on the results from the independent testing labs, they both received 5,5. This is a decent result that ensures good protection since the maximum is 6 points.

Comparing the real-world protection, both antivirus programs received the second-best ADVANCED award which states they are good at detecting and stopping zero-day threats.

System Impact

According to the independent tests, both antivirus programs have the same impact on PC’s performance. The impact is very light and imperceptible. It means that regardless of the program you pick from this comparison, your device won’t slow down.

Additional Features

Avast clearly offers more features and versatile bundles. AVG has a smaller list of additional tools.

Avast has four main suites. They include Free Antivirus, Internet Security, Premier, and Ultimate. The packages deliver the same protection but differ by the number of extra features. Consequently, the more features you want the more you’ll have to pay. The biggest bundle contains all available features like a Wi-Fi inspector, a password manager, anti-phishing, anti-adware, anti-spyware, and other tools. Additional features include Software Updater, SecureLine VPN, Cleanup Premium, etc.

AVG, on the other hand, offers only three bundles. They are a Free Edition, Internet Security, and Ultimate. The biggest package includes a firewall, a file encryption tool, a file shredder, anti-spyware, anti-spam, phishing site protection, and optimization tools like Tune-up. The latter maintains PC’s performance by removing junk files, speeding up system performance, and updating the programs installed on the device.


AVG remained a more affordable solution.

While both software has free editions, we’ll compare premium plans. Avast’s prices start at $60 per year for one device. The most expansive one is $120 with the same conditions. In case you need to cover several devices, you’ll have to pay even more.

AVG can cover up to 10 devices for $80 per year. In case you want to buy the most luxurious option, you’ll have to pay $100 annually. The latter doesn’t limit you in the number of devices you can cover.

Bottom Line

Since Avast and AVG are not products that belong to one company, Avast is still a winner. It has a bit better security and a variety of extras. It also has a more convenient interface. However, AVG won in a few categories and offered better prices. They both have a similar level of protection and quality of services since they use the same engines. Yet, the choice here depends on every user. One should pick based on the needs, preferences, and budget.

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