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Best Large Dog Cages for Sale – Overview

One of the best decisions when choosing ways of keeping and transporting dogs is a cage. Its use will allow you to get rid of many problems associated with the maintenance of your four-legged friend in the apartment. Closing the dog in a cage, you can not be afraid for the health of your child and your guests, for the safety of things and order in the apartment in your absence. Taking the cage with you on a trip, you can safely leave your pet in the hotel room alone. And the most important aspect of using the cage is the upbringing and obedience of your dog. Cells are made of high quality and durable material, easily transformed.

Huge selection from PetStore

All large dog cages for sale are equipped with durable and safe valves, have two doors, and for each size, there are special beds. Dog cages are produced in America, Europe, and China. American cells are considered the highest quality, but they are also the most expensive. Chinese cells are much cheaper, and the quality of execution is not inferior to the cells of other manufacturers. Some dog breeders believe that the cage depresses the dog and keeping it is not humane. I would like to refute such statements by the following indisputable arguments.

Reasons to buy a dog cage

Naturally, the dog cage is associated with captivity, as if the punishment for something. But we are ready to dispel this myth and prove that kennel is not scary. Why?

  • Firstly, the dog is locked into the cage only when necessary – the guests have arrived, a small child is playing on the floor, you need to leave the house and you are worried about the safety of the property and so on.
  • Secondly, if your dog is not yet accustomed to cleanliness, it’s easier to remove only the cage behind it, and not the entire apartment.
  • Thirdly, the dog just needs to have its place where no one will touch it and where it can rest calmly. If you train a dog from a very young age, then the cage will become a home for her, and not a prison at all. Also, it will perceive the kennel as its territory, where it will feel comfort and confidence.

How to choose a cage for a puppy

It is believed that up to four months of age it is easier to teach puppies to limit space. If your pet is older, it will be more difficult to accustom it to the cage, but this can and should be done. What is the best way to teach a puppy to a kennel?

  1. Point the puppy to its place gently but persistently. be sure to put his favorite toys in the cage, you can add something tasty.
  2. Leave the door open periodically to allow the puppy to feel free to choose.
  3. The size of the cage must be selected so that the dog was spacious in it.

Types and types of cages for dogs

There are six main sizes of dog cells:

  • the first number is used to keep the smallest dogs
  • the second – for small and medium
  • the third is for medium-sized dogs
  • the fourth – for medium and large
  • fifth – for large breeds
  • sixth number – for the largest dogs.

Soft bedding, selected by the size of the cage, as well as a special cover will help to add comfort. Observing all of the above recommendations, you will educate an intelligent, obedient and clean four-legged friend.

The whole assortment of different cells is presented in our online store. You can also find here other accessories for dogs: feeders, beds, and pillows, clothes, feed. For all questions, contact store consultants.

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