Alternator STC

Replace the generator on you R-1340…

Bill Todd, of Oregon, had applied for and recieved an STC for replacement of the generator on the R-1340. For his reasons, Bill pretty much did this as a service to the T-6 community. Last year, he decided to give up the STC and I acquired it with the same idea.

So, if you’d like cleaner electrical power available at a lower RPM setting, consider switching out to a 50A JASCO alternator.


The STC is good for an Standard category T-6, SNJ, or Harvard. Experimental aircraft don’t need it. You will need to acquire the alternator, a digital Voltage Regulator and a circuit breaker (see Quality Aircraft Instruments in Wichita, KS) and an A&P to install.

I prove the GENERIC documentation and permission to install, your guy does the rest. Any troubleshooting is between you and Quality or SkyTronics, Most all the data I have anyway concerns cooling to keep the FAA happy.

You will also have to provide some cooling air, most guys use the carburetor scoop and take a hose off of that.

So now what?

Send me a Money Order or Certified Check to John Hyle, email me for the address. Include a stamped, self-addressed business envelope and I’ll send the package back. The rest is up to you.

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