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This site is dedicated to "J's Bird", a Harvard Mk 4 flown in Georgia. 
Here you'll find some T6/Harvard/SNJ history, some pictures of shows attended, a schedule of shows were attendance is planned, and some other items of interest concerning flying old airplanes around Atlanta, GA.

LASP II is still floating around, but the TSA has been disregarding the need for a new reg and just rousting pilots in general, with weapons drawn and no search warrant.  Check in at AOPA and download their "I don't consent to a search" kneeboard pad.

See www.stoplasp.com

What's New!


Wow, realized how busy I've been when I read last year's update...  SnF is over, again.  She's IFR now!  A few shows are booked this year: Heaven's Landing, Geneseo, Warner-Robbins.  Hoping for a few more; Hot Springs, Coshocton...

Got another T-6 moving to KOPN, so a busy summer teaching and checking out.




And a new page has been added, if you'd like to convert your generator on the R-1340 up front, click on the "Alternator STC" page over to the left.


45 degree downline on a Cuban 8.  See more at www.aircorpsaerobatics.com and telling your local airshow you'd like to see the act.

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